TIS Newsletter 2012 #1

2012 Surveys Due
 If you attended one of our 2012 summer workshops, please take 5 minutes to complete NASA’s

Educator Long Term End of Event Survey


Submission deadline is end of day Monday, August 20, 2012.

Your feedback is essential to help NASA determine our eligibility for future funding.


Book Giveaway for Students Foresight Youth Outreach 2012 Essay Contest & Literature Program


This August, the Foresight Institute is targeting top science, engineering, and entrepreneurially-oriented college clubs, STEM high schools, and gifted youth programs in the nation and sending out 300 sets of inspiring books on emerging technologies, including Peter Diamandis’ Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think (XPrize), Tom Wujec’s Imagine Design Create (AutoDesk), a special K12 Nanoscience Resource book for teachers, and more!


Students will be encouraged to enter Foresight’s fall 2012 essay contest, which will incentivize students to read, reflect on themes, and connect with world-class scientific communities. Resources and materials in the giveaways will also include information partner organizations such as Teachers in Space, SENS Foundation, Humanity+, and the Thiel Foundation’s 20Under20 program.


For further information, contact Outreach Coordinator Paul Grasshoff (outreach@foresight.org) or Desiree Dudley, Director of Program Development & Outreach (desiree@foresight.org) or call 650-289-0860 x259.


2012 Space Medicine Workshop 24 teachers from across the United States gathered at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University last month for a TiS Space Medicine & Human Factors week-long workshop. During the program, the participants gained content knowledge in commercial spaceflight, human factors, the space environment, solar weather, space sickness and fatigue, and additional topics.


Ivon Suarez, mathematics teacher at Miami Lakes Educational Center High School in Miami, Florida said, “I went to the workshop with a regular-sized bag of clothes. When I returned home, I had an infinite-sized bag full of a new universe of ideas to implement in the classroom.” Anna Robles, science teacher at St. John’s Military School in Salina, Kansas noted, “One of the reasons I enjoyed this workshop so much was because the instructors were very passionate and excited about what they do. with any luck we as teachers take that passion and excitement back to the classroom to share with our students.”


Hands-on training experiences for the participants included a high-altitude normobaric chamber and GAT spatial disorientation training. The participants then used their new knowledge and experiences to complete a design challenge; working collaboratively to design a human mission to Mars. Essential space medicine and human factors were incorporated into futuristic and creative solutions to the project. The design challenge and content from the workshop will be taken back to classrooms across the United States this autumn to engage students in the commercial spaceflight movement and the rigors of STEM education.


2013: NASA Grant Extended Teachers in Space has received a one-year extension of our NASA Educational Grant, enabling us to continue the work we began with our 2011-2012 Professional Development Workshops for US High School STEM teachers, including:

1. Analysis and publication of data gathered during Flight Experiments Workshop hydrogen balloon launch

2. Flight experiment to ISS in collaboration with Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP)

3. Suborbital experiment launch with Masten Aerospace, possibly including some experiments from our 2011 workshop

4. Complete surveys, evaluations and analysis of this year’s summer workshops

5. Begin curriculum development using exercises and experiments developed for our workshops


Teachers in Space at NewSpace 2012 The Space Frontier Foundation’s NewSpace 2012 conference attracted over 500 participants from the commercial, government, and investment communities. Bill Nye joined Teachers in Space project manager Elizabeth Kennick as a panelist on the SpaceX sponsored STEM Education Panel, which sparked conversations about how to bring the future generation to lead the NewSpace industry. 30 teachers and team members of TIS’ Flight Experiments Workshop, held concurrently at NASA Ames, were in the audience and contributed insightful questions and comments to the panel discussion. TIS looks forward to future collaboration with Bill and the Planetary Society, of which he is now CEO.

Watch the panel video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt90YT4cMxo&feature=youtube_gdata_player


Next Month’s Newsletter Will include details on the recent Flight Experiments Workshop (and how to analyze the data collected), upcoming volunteer opportunities, and more!

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