The value and result of flying student experiments.

This is an email from Charles Bruker who was one of the finalists in the Student Spaceflight Experiment (SSE) program competition, whose experiment was not selected to fly.  He’s writing to Enrique who has been selected as a finalist, and me. Charles is a high school mathematics teacher.  Look at the letter he wrote below.  This is what the power of flying student experiments in space can do for teachers.

For the Teachers in Space projet, this will be the first student experiment to fly in space. For SEE it will be their third flight.

Rachael Manzer, teacher and Teachers in Space Pathfinder


 Hey Enrique and Rachel,

CONGRATULATIONS, Enrique, on your winning proposal!!! 

It looks like I get to nap while you get to work – maybe this will teach you something about taking on one of Rachel’s challenges! Seriously, though, Rachel, this adventure has rekindled my love of science like nothing else in my eight years of teaching.

  Thanks to you both for this fabulous experience. I’ll be following the news. Let’s stay healthy, and stay in touch.
 Warm Regards,

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