Suborbital Astronautics Workshop

Teachers discover the world of aeronautic/astronautics and spaceflight, while experiencing some of the training concepts that future space pilots will receive. Embry-Riddle flight instructors will take Daytona participants for flights in Cessna aircraft and participants at both sites will experience unpowered flight in a sailplane. They will also learn to fly flight simulators that are used to train pilots. In addition they will learn about the Lynx suborbital spacecraft now under development by XCOR Aerospace and how to build low cost wind-tunnels for classroom use.
Expert instructors will include astronaut, former Space Shuttle Commander/Pilot and XCOR Aerospace Chief Test Pilot Col. Rick Searfoss (USAF-ret), Dr. Kurt Long NASA Ames’ – Wind Tunnel Expert, and Teachers in Space Pathfinders Maureen Adams and Lt Col Steve Heck (USAF-ret).
Workshops will be held at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL on July 9-13, and repeated at the NASA Dryden AERO Institute in Palmdale, CA on July 30-Aug 3.
If you are a teacher of science, technology, engineering, or math at the high school level we encourage you to apply. Although the deadline for workshop applications is past, we are maintaining a non-sequential waiting list. (If somebody cancels we look through the waiting list hoping for the opportunity to offer a qualified teacher the chance to participate.)  Workshops are free of charge. Subsidized housing will be available at a cost of $25 per night (shared rooms). Meals are not provided, but a limited number of stipends will be available to help defray the cost of meals and transportation. The maximum size of a stipend is $400.